Tick prevention for dogs

Tick prevention for dogs

The ultimate guide to tick prevention for dogs

Your pets must be free from any tick attack. The best and most effective way to do so is by buying flea and tick medicine for dogs. This way, your dog will avoid significant health problems and discomfort.

How Do Dogs Get Ticks?

If you have been wondering, “How do dogs get ticks?”

Your beloved dog gets ticks because they are always in an environment where ticks thrive. Your dog may often walk through high grass and woods, and the ticks undergo questing. This means that they will crawl up on grass or low shrubs waiting for your dog.

Even if your furry friend stays close to your home, ticks will still find a way of getting inside and onto your dog. All it takes is several ticks to settle in a spot and establish a full-scale infestation in your home, dog, and yard. So, to answer your questions about how do dogs get ticks, here are a few common ways:

Ignoring an issue: If you see a sign of ticks in your home, you should act quickly.

Human transportation: Your friends and yourself can unknowingly carry ticks. If you spend time hiking in any area with ticks, then there is a high chance that you will bring ticks with you when you return home.

Through other animals: Rodents such as raccoons and squirrels carry ticks, and they will always find their way into your yard.

Poor landscaping: Some plants have tick repelling properties. To solve this issue, try anti-pest landscaping. Or, it’s a breeze and very effective when you choose to use chemical pesticides or repellants in your yard as a solution to tick a tick infestation.

Here are some tick prevention tips for dogs that might help you to keep your dog safe from these pests.

tick prevention tips for dogs

Protect Your Home

A tick-proof yard is the best place to begin protecting your dog, and it only requires a few minor adjustments. Start by securing the yard from other wild animals with fencing material.

Pesticides are available if you live in an area prone to infestations, and regular yard maintenance is a great way to discourage ticks. Don’t let your grass get tall, and clear any debris like leaf piles that they could see as an invitation to move in.

Avoid Their Favorite Hiding Spots

Dogs love to be outside exploring uncharted territory and the creatures that may be hiding, but ticks are known to hide in moist, wooded areas. A simple run through the tall grass in an open field can expose your pooch to these disgusting parasites.

Do a Physical Check After Every Walk

Always check through your dog’s fur for any creepy crawlies that they may have picked up outside. Ticks will try to attach to one spot so that they can continuously feed and grow, but you can usually find them early by brushing through your pet’s hair for just a few minutes.

Now that you know how your dog gets ticks let’s look at some of the tick preventive products you can use on your furry friend.

How Often Should You Treat Your Dog for Fleas

Many pet owners wonder how often you should treat your dog for fleas. This depends on the product you use.

How Often Should You Treat Your Dog for Fleas

Flea shampoo: This tick prevention for dogs will protect your pet against re-infestation for 14 days. So, you should treat your dog every two weeks.

Flea spray: When you use a flea spray on your dog, this will repel these pests for one week. It will also prevent flea eggs from hatching for one month.

Flea collar: Flea and tick collars can protect your pet against these parasites for up to seven months.

Flea drops: Most flea drops on the market are mild insecticides but toxic to ticks, fleas, and other pests. The toxins are deadly to insects but safe for dogs that are between 7 and 8 weeks old. Flea drops can protect your pooch for one month before treating it again.

But how often should you treat your dog for fleas if they are pregnant? When your dog is pregnant, you can use topical flea medications as prescribed by your vet. Keep in mind that your dog is sensitive when it’s pregnant and that’s you should be careful to protect the puppies in her womb.


Tick Repellent for Dogs

These products are designed to prevent any tick from attaching itself to your pet’s skin and biting them. Below are reasons why people use tick repellent for dogs:

When used on the dog, these products are safe and prevents future infestations.

Most of the repellents can be dusted on your pet after use, making them safe.

Tick repellent for dogs come in different forms: dusting is applicable on carpets, socks, and beddings. It’s also an added advantage since they can access the medication from anywhere.

You can apply tick preventive products on doors and windows to repel ticks and other parasites.


How Do Tick Repellents Work?

Tick repellents work t0 kill ticks and other parasites by depositing toxic chemicals into the dog’s skin. When the ingredients are released, they start moving through the glands of the animal. These are the same glands that naturally lubricate the coat of your furry friend.

When the repellent is applied, absorption happens through the skin in a short time. It works by attacking the tick from its nervous system, making it unable to feed on your pet.

Tick drops with an insect growth regulator help control by stopping the eggs from surviving after the initial dose. In turn, this ensures that no further egg develops to adulthood. The trick is that this method works by interfering with the ticks’ natural lifecycle, preventing new infestations.

Tick drops are practical and convenient since they can work even after you have bathed your canine friend or when it has been exposed to wet weather.

Dogs can pick ticks from anywhere in the backyard, woods, or bushes. There are many kinds of tick repellents for dogs on the market. They come in the form of sprays, collars, and spot-on.

Sprays work well on households, while spot-on are applied on the dog when the tick is spotted. In this case, it is recommended that you continue with the application for up to a month.

If you are looking for long-lasting tick prevention for dogs, collars are convenient as they contain tick repellent that can last between 3 and 8 months. This depends on the product that you choose. Always look for tick repellent that can kill pests but are not harmful to your pet.

No matter the product you will use as a repellent for your pets, you must adhere to all the instructions and directions. Ensure that you are keen on animal size and species. Do not mix and match the products; avoid dog products on cats and adult animal products on puppies. Avoid all human products for pets, too. Always use FDA approved products. You should also know that most homemade repellents are not reliable. Some anti-tick products made at home may even harm your dog.

In case you decide to go the natural route, here are some of the natural tick repellent for dogs that you can use on your canine companion.

How Do Tick Repellents Work?

Natural Care Tick Spray

This natural tick repellent for dogs contains natural plant extracts, like clove extract and peppermint oil. As a result, it controls ticks without releasing harsh chemicals. Natural Care Tick Spray is one of the safest tick prevention for dogs, and you can use it inside your home.

Because this natural flea and tick prevention is a non-staining, preventive product with a neutral and pleasant smell, it also works on your dog’s kennel and beds. These areas are important because you must treat them as a safety precaution for the ticks that your furry friend may bring inside. This natural tick repellent for dogs comes in a high-quality 396.9-g bottle.

Petarmor Plus

This topical treatment is another natural flea and tick prevention that does a good job protecting your pet against external parasites. The protection is effective 30 days after the application. Petarmor Plus kills ticks and fleas within 24 hours after application.

This natural flea killer works by breaking the life cycle and killing the eggs and larvae for the next three months. The challenge with ticks and fleas is that they can be around all year round, even in the cold season. Their eggs can be dormant for months before hatching.

It is advisable to treat your pet each month all year round to prevent and protect them from tick and flea infestations. When used as recommended, Petarmor Plus has the power to stop any infections and repeated patterns of infestations.

This natural flea killer’s application process is simple, and you can do it alone at home. However, it is critical to know your pet’s exact weight since this natural flea and tick prevention are available in different dosages depending on the size of your dog.

Petarmor Plus helps kill flea eggs, ticks, flea larvae, adult fleas, and pupae development. The product is beneficial since it helps control any dangerous mites and the transmission of Lyme disease. For four weeks, you will be safe from any infestations.

Ensure that the dog is dry before applying Petarmor Plus. Once applied, it is advisable to wait for about 12 hours. Once Petarmor Plus is dry on the dog’s skin, it should not be greasy. You can use a paper towel to remove any excess content.

After you open the product, ensure you store it in ideal conditions, and you will enjoy about three years of shelf life. Do not store in extreme temperatures; this will reduce its effectiveness. Avoid keeping in Petarmor the refrigerator, direct sunlight, and always follow instructions.

You need to apply this product to the skin. If you are not sure of the application process, check the product information on the pack or check with a veterinarian. The secret is choosing the right product as per your dog’s weight!

NexGard Chewable

Nexgad was created to serve the same purpose as a natural flea killer for controlling pests. Consider it as a simple fix that is more efficient. In some cases, it is better to opt for a better control method.

Some dog breeds attract more flea-related problems than others, even if you try protecting them from these external parasites in the first place. Sometimes you want a simple fix, and there is nothing wrong with that.

That’s where NexGard comes in.

Nexgard is available in soft beef-flavored chewable that you can administer orally to puppies from the age of 9 weeks. When administering the drug, you should consider the dog’s weight.

NexGard Chewables are made from a product called Merial. This is one of the reliable methods of preventing pest infestations on dogs. The product contains Afoxolaner (INN), which is an acaricide and an insecticide.

This combination acts on the central nervous system of the flea or tick that is causing restlessness on your favorite dog. In the end, the parasites die due to a weak nervous system. That said, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that these flea chewables offer and what makes them a powerful pest control option.

It is Highly Effective

Nexgard Flea Chewables are comprised of an advanced oral formulation that treats fleas and tick infestation for up to 30 days after administration.


Nexgard kills up to 90% of fleas and ticks just 4 hours after administration. It incorporates a fast-acting formula that weakens the flea’s nervous system or tick within 4 hours after administration.

Easy to administer

The flea chewables are soft and beef-flavored, meaning that your furry friend will love them. The fact that you can administer this tick prevention for dogs orally makes it even easier to give to dogs and particularly puppies.

Great Alternative

Nexgard Flea Chewables can control four types of ticks, including the American dog tick, black-legged tick, and lone star tick. And, it prevents your dog from contracting Lyme, Anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mounted spotted fever.


The product has a shelf life of two years. So, even if you don’t use it frequently, you won’t have to worry about the expiration date after making a purchase.


Nexgard chewables are affordable since you will only require a single chew for each dog that you own. One dose is enough to eradicate up to 99% of the tick population irritating your beloved pet.

The combination created by the active ingredients afoxolaner and milbemycin oxime effectively control fleas and ticks infestation in dogs.

K9 Advantix

Packed with imidacloprid, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen, K9 Advantix is one of the reliable flea and tick prevention for dogs. It helps you eliminate flea eggs, adult fleas, and flea larvae. Additionally, it kills mosquitoes, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, and fly bites.

How does K9 Advantix work? Most flea and tick medicine for dogs work by waiting for these external parasites to bite your dog. However, for K9 Advantix, elimination of the ticks and fleas happens without that process. This, in turn, helps in reducing any irritation and disease transmission on your pet.

K9 Advantix is used for topical treatment and can only be used on dogs, strictly not cats.

Remember, do not be in a hurry; allow K9 Advantix to dry naturally. It is advisable to record the date of treatment and repeat it every month. You need to apply K9 Advantix to the skin. If you are not sure of the application process, check on the product information or with a veterinarian. The secret is choosing the right flea and tick prevention for dogs as per your pet’s weight!

What Are the Benefits of K9 Advantix?

With this product, you have the assurance that you have better control of your pet’s pests. K9 Advantix is safe for any pets that are older than seven weeks. And, it is a water-resistant formula for your dog’s protection, even after shampooing and exposure to rain.

The active ingredients used in this product help make it effective in protecting your pet from ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

The product is EPA approved for dogs, and it prevents ticks from attaching to your dog’s skin, allowing minimal transmission.

This flea and tick medicine for dogs is designed to kill ticks and fleas in the first 12 hours. This helps to prevent the eggs from developing, which prevents future infestations. The active ingredients last longer than some other products, why it is in most repellents for slower and longer action.

When you notice fleas or ticks on your favorite pet, start using one of flea and tick prevention for dogs to eradicate them.


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